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Tips On Choosing The Right Backlink Service Provider

It is highly important for you to choose the right backlink service provider for your online business website so that you get good visibility on the internet and you have a lot of visitors visiting your website.

Need Good Traffic For Your Website

You might be having the best well designed website on the internet, but this is of no use if you do not have sufficient traffic to your website. It is highly important for your website to be in the high page ranks of popular search engines. You will get there very easily if you hire the services of reliable and reputable SEO link building service providers. Search Engine Optimization is the key to a good link. It is not an easy job to find out the best and the most reliable SEO backlink services. There are quite a few points that you need to consider when you are on the look out for a competent backlink service provider.

Try To Get References 

One of the best ways to find reliable and reputable SEO backlink services is to ask your close friends or relatives who have had the experience of hiring such professionals. Most of the friends or relatives who have hired such services will be more than willing to help you out find the right person. You can also try posting your requests on popular link building forums. There will be a lot of customers who would be posting reviews of the hired SEO backlinks provider. Make sure that you go through all the reviews posted by the previous clients to get to know ore about the company and their services. This will sometimes help you to easily find the right, reliable and affordable SEO backlinks service provider.

Experience And Reliability

It is always better for you to look out for companies that have been in the business of SEO backlinks for a minimum of three years. Only experienced SEO service providers will be able to carry out the link building tasks at a faster pace and you can also see results to happen within a few days time. It is important for you to talk to these services in order to check out how proficient and how easily they are able to tackle your queries ad questions about their services. It would not be a bad idea for you to hire SEO backlink service providers who have had the experience of dealing with online business websites like yours.

Link Placement Guarantee

It is always better for you to opt for link building services that offer you the placement guarantee for the backlinks. As it may take a few weeks for the popular search engines to index your links, it is important that you make sure that the service provider will offer guarantees for the links so that it does not get deleted before the indexing of the links. Even if the links get deleted make sure that you choose a company that offers you a replacement of the links at no extra costs.     

Author Bio

Mathew Anton is a well known link building consultant on the internet who has written a lot of articles on the tips and guidelines to choose backlink service providers. You will find a great deal of his articles on By going through his articles, you will be able to easily locate the right link building service on the internet.


Four Ways to Get Contextual Backlinks

The first way to get contextual back links is to be a guest blogger on the site owned by somebody else within your topic area.  Preferably, they will have a highly ranked site, page rank three or better or be on the first page of Google for the keyword that you wish to rank.  There are a couple ways to find such guest post opportunities.

a.  Use the Google search function for blogs by typing your key phrase.  Click on the first 10 blogs that show up, comment on that blog site and if they have a contact link, asked the site owner about guest post opportunities.  The comment you leave will have some value even if the blog is a no follow blog as most are as explained in this post.

b.  Do a search on the phrase “guest blogging” or “guest posting.” You will find sites that have a list of other sites which are known to accept guest posts.  You will also find some networks that are designed to match guest bloggers with blog owners who desire to have guest posts.  Most of these networks have a free subscription option although they offer more features with the paid subscription.
The beauty of placing a guest post is that it will be specifically related to your topic and the SEO juice from that link will be of the best quality available.

Your next opportunity, similar to guest posting, is to place posts on Web 2.0 sites that will always accept your content.  These are sites such as,, and several hundred others:

Once you create accounts at each of these Web 2.0 sites , you can either get software to do the posting for you or you can hire someone at to do it.

Similar to the above is to place your guest post articles on article sites such as, and many others.  Since anyone can place content on Web 2.0 sites and the article sites, one would have to conclude that Google doesn’t give too much value to these links.  However, you get some value and these links won’t hurt you.  These links won’t hurt you if in fact you have a complement of back links from high quality sites with authority.  If you have only these low-quality or low page rank links, they are likely to be of very little value in total.  In other words, Google sees it as normal that a site with 20 really good quality back links might have 500 common links from low ranking sites.  But if you have links from ONLY low ranking sites, these links will be of little SEO value.

Next, you can use automated services to basically do the above function and save you a lot of time.  These services vary in quality.  At the low end, are services like Unique Article Wizard.  Many of their posts go on sites rank PR zero or maybe PR one.  Therefore, it is best to use this site like unique article Wizard for second-tier back links, a topic we will cover in another post.  When Google sees your back linking profile is heavily weighted toward low ranking sites, the amount of page rank benefit you get is limited.  However, these posts don’t hurt you and the fact that they are automatically placed means you spend very little time creating these back links.

The better quality services, such as BacklinkMetro, will place your posts on sites with page rank 1 to 5 so that the quality of the back links you receive is better providing you more SEO benefit.

Last, are simply to place comment links.  To get back links from comments that will actually impact your search engine rank, you need to place your comments on do follow blogs.  If you do a search on the phrase “do follow blogs,” you locate those sites that pass link juice from their comments.  However, also place comments on no follow blogs because if Google sees comments from only do follow blogs, they see that you are trying to manipulate their system solely to win the search engine ranking game.  Make your comments worthwhile and make sure that your back links go to posts of yours that add value to the post on which you are commenting.  This will give you maximum chance of having a reader who is also a blogger link to your site or possibly even contact you about a guest post opportunities on their blog.


Do Follow vs NO Follow Links – Understand What Matters

Google Uses Backlinks in at Least Two Ways

contextual back link

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of do-follow (DF) versus no-follow (NF) backlinks, it is important to make a distinction about how Google uses hyperlinks. One way that Google can use the hyperlink is to pass SEO juice. Most people are commonly aware of this fact, that if you have inbound links from high authority sites, they will be valuable in improving your search engine rank. However, it’s possible for Google to use links in other ways. For example, there may be types of links that give you no SEO value, i.e. they will not help improve your search engine position. But, Google may use the link to ascertain relevance. In other words, if the anchor text of the link is the word dinosaur, Google can then ascertain that your site is about dinosaurs. So be aware that links may have value for search engine position purposes while yet other links will help establish the topic of your site. This is important to understand so that you can rank well for the keywords you desire and it helps Google categorize your site with others in the same subject matter.

Now that we understand that backlinks may have value over and above helping your search engine position, we can intelligently consider the distinction of an NF and DF links.

Do Follow in the Old Days

backlinks in the old daysWhen I first started blogging and looking into SEO, I came across the opinions to seek out DF links. Supposedly, these DF links are better because the search engine bots can follow them back to your site and give your site the proper SEO credit for the link. You can do searches and locate blogs and sites that have set their coding to DF. The default, by the way, is that sites are set to NF. The conventional wisdom is that by placing links on DF sites, you get the SEO juice from the search engine bot. This conventional wisdom however is limited as we shall see.
There was and maybe is currently, an advantage to setting your outbound links to DF. In the old days, I set my WordPress sites to DF and promoted this fact on the home page. I also entered these blogs into DF directories. My goal was to increase visitors and by offering DF links in my comments and I had additional traffic as a result.

What about the links from Social Sites?

Note that the social bookmarking sites are all NF sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others. However, Google carefully tracks your Facebook likes, your Twitter tweets and you Google plus votes as indications of social value. So although these links may be NF, you can see that in fact they have value in establishing the popularity of your site.

Too Many Do Follow Links Does not Look Right

chainsTo take this one step further, should your site have mostly DF links, this appears unnatural to Google. It appears as if you have gone on an artificial back link building campaign to seek out sites that are coded specifically DF. This is of course unnatural and Google will discount the value of these links for your site.
Let me give you an example of suspicious links. Let’s say you place a banner ad on a blog and the banner is in the sidebar. The banner gets associated with every post since every post that gets viewed also displays the banner. If this particular blog has 900 posts, then there are 900 links pointing to your site. Banners and other advertisements are no follow links. That means that the search engine bots will not follow them but of course human beings can click on them and arrive at your site. Should those banner or add links be coded as do follow, Google immediately sees that someone is trying to game the system and you could be looking at de-indexing from their search engine.

The Obvious Value of No Follow Links

Then of course, as mentioned, there is the fact that humans see and follow NF links and this can be quite valuable as per one blogger’s report. He tells how NF links were introduced on Wikipedia to stop the spam content that was being placed on their site. He concludes however that a link from Wikipedia even today still makes your site look more credible and you can get lots of referral traffic from it. One of his websites recently got a link from Wikipedia (his site was credited as a source) on a fairly obscure article, but that single little link still sends around 100 visitors a month. Therefore, be happy to gain quality NF links.

Another blogger reported that a human saw and followed an NF link to his site and then blogged about the site on his DF blog. The post went viral and his post reached the #1 position for his search term. So sometimes, an NF link can morph into DF link value.

What Do Link Studies Show?

But what I like best of all is to share studies, that is tests of actual sites and their link building campaigns and the results. One test indicated that undoubtedly, Google’s bots accounted for the anchor text of NF links in deciding the subject matter of the site. The same test provided hard to refute indications that these links also helped the page rank:

Here is another experiment, the findings of which corroborate that at minimum, the bots use NF links for relevance:

There you have it—DF or NF, a good link is a good link!

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Different Types of Back Links

There are different categories of back links that have varying value for SEO purposes.  Let’s review those categories so that you can focus your efforts on those back links that will get you the most benefit.  Note that Google does not publish a schedule indicating which back links they rank more highly.  The following information is inferred from test results, observations and common sense.

Bookmark Links

Given that you can buy a copy of software like Bookmarking Demon or SEOnuke which will generate thousands of bookmarks for you in a few minutes, would you is Google rank these types of links highly?  Likely not because these types of links, while originally indicating some social popularity, now are easily obtained through automated software.  Therefore, there is no harm in bookmarking but to do so manually would be up terrible waste of time and should only be done with software.  One of the least expensive and easiest ways to do this is using Onlywire.

Blog Roll and Footer Links

These types of links have limited value mostly because a high number are paid links rather than freely given by the blog author.  As a result, Google does not see these types of links as terribly important.  Once placed, these links will associate with every post on that blog and therefore don’t indicate much conscious attention by the blog owner to the site being linked.

Comment Links

Comment links are useful and have good value when two conditions are met:

a) the site, and even better, the post to which the comment relates, has a high page rank
b) the link is from a post on blog matching the subject matter of your site

What has no value is to get some software that will place 8000 comment links for you in the next 42 minutes because it would be only by chance that any links meet the above two criteria.  Most of the links will be on junky sites and on topic-unrelated posts.

Contextual links

A contextual link is a link in the middle of a sentence of a blog post or other website content.  These links have the greatest value because they indicate that in the process of writing a post, the author thought highly enough about your content, that he linked to it.  The link is conscious, specific and topic-related.  Clearly, contextual links from high page rank posts in your subject area are gold.  There are two ways to get such contextual links:

a) guest post on somebody’s site, meaning supply an article that you write with links back to your main site, or
b) bring to the attention of the website owner that you have some content on your blog that so compelling, that in one of his posts or in his content, he willingly links to your writing because of its value and pertinence to his writing.

It is likely that getting guest post opportunities is easier because it requires the other website owner to simply say yes rather than alter their own writing for your benefit.  You can find a lit of networks offering guest post opportunities here.

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